guillaume bijl at the gallery, put & poelmans at base alpha gallery, els diervorst and vaast colson at panache, new wave floppy center at stadslimiet.

the afterparty is at Bagger, feel welcome!


and this I saw hanging at the MAD:



Tonight, some waiting moments at Cinnnamon, Rotterdam

and at Martin Van Blerk gallery a Finissage by Guy Rombouts and a vernissage by VyVy



In an article about Antwerp and Utrecht in Gonzo Circus they talk about some familiar things.



listening to

Under Pressure

Let's Dance


Five Years


on Thursday at Cinnnamon in Rotterdam I'll do a lazy "waiting" performance:   Artists give their musical answer to the question: How would an imaginary game soundtrack sound? With: Catherine Biocca (IT/DE), Sarah&Charles (BE), Marguerite van Sandick (NL), Lieven Segers (BE), Frank Koolen feat. UMGEBUNG (NL), Reinaart Vanhoe (BE), Robbert&Frank + Frank&Robbert + Koenraad VDS (BE), Sara van Woerden (NL), Geo Wyeth (US).


on Friday I'll throw a party at Bagger, Antwerp. you is welcome!

IMG_4530 copy copy.jpg


she's on it!


a domestic scene by Charline Tyberghein


2015 was good, good, busy, busy but especially everything (the "creating", the "organising", the "teaching", the "drinking",...) felt like being under the same umbrella.

Highlights were: The Joke is on me at Base Alpha gallery, 120 minutes at Art Brussels with Krank Koolen in a sculptural construction made by Dries Otten, POM' PO PON PO PON PON POM PON at Middelheim museum with Sara Weyns and A Belgian Politician with Tom Liekens. These 4 moments are almost the outline of the umbrella from above.

Nothing is going to be different in 2016; I am looking forward to sit alone in an atelier for 3 months (from next week on) in the small village of Zundert, best known for Vincent & Diana. Also looking forward at some kind of intervention(s) at M HKA at an expo of Vaast Colson, another "interpretation" of the Joke is on me at the stand of Base Alfie gallery at Art Rotterdam, some "waiting" songs on tour, a short rebirth of the artists collective FRIGO and others expo's that are not really clear at the moment.

Also looking forward to some curatorial activities with my Cakehouse partner Michèle Matyn at the CC Maasmechelen and at Hof De Bist in Ekeren. A big not so graffiti but wallpainting project is happening in the beginning of the summer. And some other projects we are talking about.

anyhow, see you here or there in 2016


RIP Lemmy and Zjef





Today, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson is closing down his expo at Trampoline gallery with our godfather of all artists, Guy Rombouts.

At the Witzli Poetzli bar, DENIE PUT, KOEN VAN DEN BROEK, TINKA PITTOORS, TOM POELMANS and JOHANNA TRUDZINSKI will celebrate the 30 years of hangovers.


Christmas; Perfect to start working again after days of drinking and hanging in sofa's and watching The Century of the Self, wich is an amazing 15 year old docu about Freuds psychoanalysis being (mis)used to manipulated and to control the mass. About how was the all-consuming "self" created, by whom, and in whose interests? This under the 4 great subtitles: Happiness Machines, The Engineering of Consent, There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads; He Must Be Destroyed, Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering.

Tonight in Cinema Zuid, The Trial by Orson Wells. A perfect psychedelic Christmas translation of Franz Kafka.





There are 2 drawings of mine in the new issue of BIL BO K (1 in collaboration with Luc Zwijsen) amongst Ed Atkins, Jan Bucquoy, François Curlet, Claudia Radulescu, Dennis Tyfus, Michael Van den Abeele, Gary Webb and many others.


sat 19

christmas parties all around:

Come celebrate the holiday season in Objectif Exhibitions with a screening of Escautville's two latest productions One of Us and A Day In the Life of the Holy Blood, both by Koen Theys. Author Dimitri Verhulst will read excerpts from his latest novel Bloedboek in which he recounts the first five books of the Bible with gruesome detail. (in Dutch). Free, no reservation required. Blood Sausage and Glüwein will be served.


wed 16

being very lazy at uploading this websnitsel and looking for a new/good designer to create a new one. (Contact me if you are the one who is perfect to do this).