Saturday 26th of March 2016

This is the last semi sunny day to see the Pom Po Pon Po Pon Pon Pom Pon expo at [MIDDELHEIMMUSEUM]. Some participating artists will walk the line for the last time at 15ooh this afternoon. Welcome for some pizza & beer.





Courtisane Festival 2016 takes of tonight, it will bring you the finest selection of artistic shorts and not so short films. Tipped and curated by international video-curator Vincent Stroep, we'll all have to go there tomorrow at 21ooh. for this program.

The Imaginary Game Soundtrack Album is out, released by Atelier Claus. some artists made a sound piece for this. My contribution is called "effe wachten" and is inspired by an old drawing of mine and a song of The Doors. It's still touring, next stops are The Hague and Berlin.



This is what happens when you are to creative in an jury for the amateur arts. The selection of works will be shown soon at Oude Beurs, Antwerp, curated by Benny Van Den Meulengracht-Vranckx.
and this week is the last week + weekend you can see the Pompoponpoponpomponponpom-expo at the Middelheim Museum. It's a show I really liked to make, and where the result is perfectly balanced between a curatorial and an artistic point of view. Or better: where the both are the same.
On saturday we do a very small mini finissage in presence of some of the guides, producers, curators and artists and some pizza & beer. from 15ooh. welcome.

WED 16th of march

Tonight at AIR Antwerp some presentations of residence-artists are shown: Nel Aerts, Niek Hendrix, Lennart Lahuis, Alice De Mont, Robert Šalanda, Lieven Segers and Victoria Wigzell show works and experiments produced during residencies in AIR Antwerpen and abroad. 

In collaboration with artists collective Pinkhouse concerts take place by Children of the White Leaf, Floris Vanhoof, Pierre Berthet, Bart Sloow. DUBAIS, DJ’s Cosmo Knex, Zoot Ruff ski and Chinese Takeaway will engrave the remembrance of this event in your brain. During the night drinks will be served by the Pinkhouse Bar, a not entirely anonymous drinks dispenser including Karina Beumer, Erin Helsen, Jo Caimo and Timo Van Grinsven.

My residence at The Van Gogh House in Zundert is becomming a very strange experience and makes me think that I am not the kind of artist that needs an atelier in a lonesome jungle that's to close to my own active neighborhood. But for sure it produces something that reflex this.


There is a beautifull expo by Fred Bervoets going on at the only gallery who's got a knight as a gallerist, De Zwarte Panter.




There is a solo presentation at "the box" of my work at CC Maasmechelen. until the 20th of March




Today the expo "Ten Dans" opens at the CC of Maasmechelen.


This is a meeting between a dancefloor, a row of paintings, a group of sculptures and the impossibility to dance.


I selected around 40 pieces by these artists: Bart Van Dijck, Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx, Caroline Coolen, Charline Tyberghein, Charlotte van Renterghem, Daan Gielis, Denie Put, Dennis Tyfus, Erwin Van Looveren, Filip Vervaet, Gerard Herman, Ignace Cami, Ingeborg Deglein, Jo Caimo, Karl Philips, Ken Verhoeven, Leen Voet, Lieven Segers, Lukas Verdijk & Vesna Faassen, Michèle Matyn, Nadia Naveau, Nel Aerts, Nick Andrews, Pieter De Clercq, Philippe Van Wolputte, Ruth van Haren Noman, Sharon Van Overmeiren, Sine Van Menxel, Timo Van Grinsven, Tom Vanuytrecht, Tom Poelmans, Tommy Coldchain, Vaast Colson, Vedran Kopljar, Wannes Missotten, William Ludwig Lutgens, Wim Van Der Celen, Yannick Val Gesto.

it's on at 5pm


Go and see the show by Kati Heck & Vaast Colson at M HKA, it is the best that happened in years overthere. Also some the Belgian Abstracs are on view.


Wednesday Art Rotterdam opens, a shrunken version of The Joke Is On Me will be on view at Base Alpha gallery. All this until the 14th of February.

John Baldessari about art fairs: an artist going to an art fair is like a kid walking in on his parents having sex. You know it happens but you just never want to see it.

Working at the Van Gogh Huis is becoming more and more a thing that is constantly in my head, and that makes me working on the same thing even not being physically there... anyway,  I am working on a booklet that will be finished at the end of March/beginning of April.



1st of februari

Normally we don't do sport at this site, but this is something you have to see. You will close your eyes forever of vicarious shame (Fremdschämen in German)


Tonight at These things take time  my effe wachten soundtrack will be visually presented. Ghent it is.

Tomorrow Borger with a lot of artistic activity in and around Borgerhout. I will DJ in bar Venetia from 11 to 1 in front of an empty dance floor.