monday 13

Last Weekend a very nice show by Nick Andrews opened at De Warande, Turnhout. It are all playful excuses on canvas to let colour and paint rule. and it rules hard in a very contemporary way he uses an old school way of looking. Go and see for yourself!


3 June

Tonight, opening Het Zwarte Gat at Hof De Bist, Ekeren


artists are Anton Cotteleer, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Vedran Kopljar, Denie Put & Bendt Eyckermans, Ken Verhoeven, Lieven Segers, Benjamin Verdonck, Baldvin Einarsson, Jorge Dubon, Philippe Van Wolputte, Lot Doms, Ward Heirwegh, Michèle Matyn


23 MAy

Almost 140 000 euri's did the auction for Artists For Ringland gain. I am happy to play a small part of that with a "Charliwini"



From last week-end on, the work "something" is having a walk in the Middelheimmuseum for one year.




16th may

If you are tripping to NY the next weeks or you are surfing the www to see something good, check out these expo's, I loved them a lot: Unfinished at MET Breuer, an expo about unfinshed pieces, a nice collection from the renaissance until know. Nicole Eisenman at the New Museum, a very playful and humoristic approach to paint images. maybe a bit to "now". The shaped paintings by Mike Kelley at Skarstedt Gallery, what a great series! And the Philip Guston show at Hauser & Wirth, where they put together 36 paintings and more than 50 drawings from the period just before he went figurative. absolutely a museum show, but in a gallery... you know what that means.






And M HKA bought my smallest work that I ever made:



may 2nd 2016


effe wachten, the projection piece I made for The Imaginary Game Soundtrack at  the Dürst Britt & Mayhew gallery at The Hague. 

Artists give their musical answer to the question: How would an imaginary game soundtrack sound?                 With: Catherine Biocca (IT/DE), Sarah&Charles (BE), Marguerite van Sandick (NL), Lieven Segers (BE), Frank Koolen feat. UMGEBUNG (NL), Reinaart Vanhoe (BE), Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert (BE), Sara van Woerden (NL) and Geo Wyeth (US).


sunday///17th of April

Today at 4pm some artist will present their view on the black hole, a selection by Cakehouse:
Ada Van Hoorebeke,
Anton Cotteleer,
Baldvin Einarsson,
benjamin verdonck,
Denie Put & Bendt Eyckermans,
Jorge Dubon,
Ken Verhoeven,
Lieven Segers,
Lot Doms,
Michèle Matyn,
Philippe Van Wolputte,
Vedran Kopljar,
Ward Heirwegh.

at Hof De Bist, Ekeren


This afternoon I'll have a talk at the conference "Photography performing humor" about 8 words on making something good. LUCA, Brussels.




It was great to walk the streets and musea of Lisbon last week. Architecture from different periods gives the city this nice esthetic atmosphere , from the most crazy kitsch places like Quinta da regaleire to concrete churches. We also saw lovely paintings by Max Ernst, Georgio De Chirico, Durer, Quinten Matsys,...






Somebody put the speech of the opening of "Er is altijd wel iets anders te doen" expo online.

Julien Meert is launching a book totday at Clearing gallery, Brussels.



3 April

At 15ooh. today (sunday) is the opening of "Er is altijd wel iets anders te doen." at the Van GoghGallery in Zundert.

sneaky peek;



W 30/03/2016

Today is the day of birth of Vincent Van Gogh. This evening, I'll be in a public talk about in which way Vincent can be of any influence on contemporary artists. This will take place at the Van Goghhuis in Zundert.

On Sunday at 3pm, the expo "Er is altijd iets anders te doen" opens, this is a result of my 3 month mental residence at the Van Goghhuis. This was not really in Zundert, but more everywhere.