5th of january

Jolene is pretty cool on 33rpm. play it loud!



start of 2017; It's not what we see, but how we see it.

Rest In Peace Mr.John Berger. It's not what we see, but how we see it. "Ways of seeing" is a great vision on the perception on how we look and interpret art and also a beautiful video-serie. This is one of the fundamental views on "image-analysis", a course I teach in the eastern part of the country.

Here you can see mr. Berger in one of his last interviews/documentary. He seems like a very sweet man who's got it hard to pronounce the R, wich again gives a new view on Wembwant and Wubens.

john b


and here is what happens if you replace guns by thumbs.




end of 2016

a happy 2017 and remember:



next up:

A group show in a new gallery space in Otegem, 10a gallery is a new initiative by a couple that will be living in their garage and will show art-works in their living space. Welcome at the 7th of January for the first opening with works by Bieke Depoorter, Johan Tahon, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Ward Zwart, myself and others.


until the 16th of december

there is a show called USCA in the cellar of the former post-building in Antwerp (Groenplaats). Some artists are having their atelier there, there is also a bookshop, a lecture program and a so called collection where you can view a few works of me.

On the 1st of December a show called Duikboot will open at the Academy of Antwerp. The sleeping dog like collective FRIGO will be active after almost 15 years. You can visit us and celebrate the temporarily reunion on Friday the 2nd. (all day at "De Lange Zaal" of the royal academy of fine arts, Antwerp) Reunions are most of the time money based, this one should be for Fred Bervoets. (FRIGO = Geert Saman, Anton Cotteleer, Vaast Colson, Leen De Waele, Lieven Segers, Ben Meewis, Emma Thyssen, Tom Vansant, Dimitri Janssens)


20th of september

Next thursday, the 22nd opens the show SOME OLD SOME NEW with some old and new artists with some old and new work. Welcome at De Kooi, 11de Liniestraat, Hasselt for some artistic love between Wout Vercammen, Jan Carlier, Caroline Coolen, Bart Van Dijck and myself. 

We are working on a new site (and on some new energy) to post more regular on. summer must be over.





Last days, I am looking a lot at 25 year old grunge docu's, so I bumped into this movie Stuff again made by Gibby Haynes and Johnny Depp and featuring Timothy Leary about the house John Frusciante was living in. Time to clean up my atelier and my head.

A picture of my new ghost, made by a young artist from Andorra and the wild west of Belgium, Elisa Braem


5th of july

The opening of the expo "11 kunstenaars tegen de muur" was very nice. A bit of rain and a bit of a soccer sadness was the perfect fundament to build a good party on. Pieter De Clerck did a kind of beat-generation sound performance with a reversed letter he wrote, the most arrogant band of Antwerp, Fluwelen Koord, was sharp on the dutch dissonant side and Hantrax in a white summertime tennis outfit and projections by Luc Tuymans, let the late 80's and early 90's beatmusic come to life again. Dennis T and Jan M deejeed the dancing crowd from the wall instead of against. Thanks to everybody.

There is a nice APP for your very smart phone, called ANTWERP MUSEUM APP where you can see the tour/ adresses/ text and info about all the works.

There is also a short movie about the expo online.


thursday, the day before friday the first

Tonight i'll be giving a small lecture at the A-tower (that's that semi-nice building in the center of Antwerp, now recently being covered by the most ugly publicity banner ever by Jupiler and tomorrowland that takes away the whole character, sight, and golden windows of the building. money driven minds provide stupid results again) organised by RUIS, a new collective who made a show that don't wants to be a show called "the Sideshow"

I like banners like this:



monday 27

This friday, the 1st, 11 kunstenaars tegen de muur opens, we do a tour from 18ooh on at st jans vliet/voetgangerstunnel

then a bus can take you to the afterparty at 20ooh at leopoldplaats

also the soccer match Belgium-Wales willl be projected on a big screen, olé


thursday june 16

Tonight the painting class of the Academy of Antwerp who will graduate in 2018 will show a book they made and some works in their ateliers. Charline Tyberghein is in it, come and have a look at the 3th floor.



Also tonight;  M HKA  is  opening a few new expo's. Rave culture and Dennis Tyfus and the '80s in Antwerp and more. and a rave afterwards.


We are building up 11 kunstenaars tegen de muur. feeling exited!!!